Darbar Full Movie Download [HD] 2020 | Darbar Reviews And Ratings

Darbar Full Movie Download [HD] 2020 | Darbar Reviews And Ratings

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020: darbar is an action & thriller Tamil film, Starring Rajinikanth & Nayanthara in lead roles. Produced by Subaskaran and Directed by A.R. Murugadoss.

Darbar is the biggest blockbuster Tamil movie starring Rajinikanth, Most of the people liked this movie and the darbar movie Budget is 200 crores & Box-Office 200 crores.

This Movie story is very beautiful, Aaditya, the commissioner of Mumbai police want to arrest a Drag mafia called by in movie as Ajay.

She is Drag peddler, she is involved with international Drag lord and Mumbai police want to get arrested him for justice.

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020
Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020

Darbar Movie Cast

  • Rajinikanth
  • Nayanthara
  • Nivetha Thomas
  • Suniel Shetty
  • Yogi Babu
  • Thambi Ramaiya
  • Sriman
  • Prateik Babbar
  • Jatin Sarna
  • Nawab Shah
  • Dalip Tahil

Rating Details

Darbar movie is the most liked the movie and according to IMDb Rating is 6.2/10, And According to Google User rating is 89% it's Mean 89% people liked the movie.

Darbar Movie Screenshot

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 1
Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 1

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 2
Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 2

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 3
Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 3

Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 4
Darbar Full Movie Download HD 2020 4

Darbar Movie Top 3 Reviews

We have posted the top 3 Darbar Movie User Reviews From Google, I think certain 3 user reviews will help you to understand the movie as well all reviews have given below.

1. B.U Shreesha

According to B.U Shreesha Lyca productions is behind this big-Budget ARM + Rajinikanth film that has Nayantara playing the female lead. Rajinikanth’s comeback as a cop has set the expectation meter soaring and the trailer had ticked the right boxes for a commercial caper. It took fanboy director Karthik Subburaj to put Rajinikanth back on the superhighway with “Petta” after Pa. Ranjith’s largely confusing “Kabali” and “Kaala”. Now ARM (another diehard fan) looks to push the envelope much further promising much more than the fan's expectations. With ARM’s “Spider” and “Sarkar” not matching prospects and talks of ARM losing his touch, a lot is riding for ARM with this film.

Police stories have been told dime a dozen in Indian Cinema and DARBAR again offers nothing new with a dated plot that is formulaic and facetious. But with Rajinikanth playing the cop Murgadoss has the liberty of bamboozling the viewer with an indulgent screenplay helped by the hero’s charismatic presence and definitive mass appeal. ARM’s films are generally populist but he does manage to camouflage it with his signature style of "the end justifies the means". It works here again and yet he sticks to the faithful commercial tag of the film banking heavily on Rajinikanth’s screen presence. The first half is typical masala with the "routine" consuming most of it. It's in the second half that the movie gets going with some intensity and drama. The light-hearted romance is OK.

Rajinikanth swishes, swashes, charms, dances, and bullies as the cop. His fans will lap every moment of it. Nayantara knows her pace and place very well and works to a T. Suneil Shetty as the antagonist is impressive. Prateek Babbar in a short role does well. Nivetha Thomas is decent. Yogi Babu provides the comic relief

Cinematography by veteran Santosh Sivan is brilliant. Anirudh scores a scorching background score and the songs though not in the same league as his earlier “Petta” works on screen. Editing by Sreekar Prasad could have been tighter in terms of the duration of the film. Dialogues are okayish while the direction is standard.

70, is an age when most sit and look back at their journey thus far, moments of pride and regret, while this phenomenon at 70 in his super success voyage continues to entertain unabatedly. A testimony to factors beyond just luck….


Rating 3
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2. Viswamber Prasad

According to Viswamber Prasad Darbar, it definitely is a commercial blockbuster from Thalaivar.
FDFS tradition was kept up today and was worth it, right from the entry to the climax whistles were roaring and coins were floating in the air, each frame was set up to build up hype and mass for our Thalaivar, and his ever energetic and youthful enthusiasm carries forward the film.

Contrary to many of the audience responses the film actually has a very good plot with a strong father-daughter sentiment. Nivetha Thomas has done a phenomenal job.

What could have been avoided is the very unrealistic fight sequences, they are over-hyped, and unacceptable even for Thalaivar veterans, they could have been executed with the same mass and swag like Petta subtly, but they go overboard and make it a cringe-fest.
Another thing that can be avoided is various close-up shots of Thalaivar, even though Thalaivar is an ever-young superman, and age is just a number for him, the make-up is unable to withstand the close-ups. Or if close-ups are needed, then the make-up should be exceptionally good like they did in 2.0

THALAIVAR'S gymming sequence is out of the world. At 17 when most are reluctant to maintain a good physique, this man at 70 slays the screen with his body. Another huge shout out to Thalaivars acting, man!..this film mixed Shivaji's mass with Mullum Malarum's terrific acting.

Darbar is must watch in the theatres and Thalaivars veterans will definitely be satisfied seeing Thalaivars mass performance!

Rating 3
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3. Dr.Deepthi Raju

According to Dr.Deepthi Raju Sankranti time...back to back movies to watch n review...starts with darbar...rajini's movie n Minerva masala dosa are the same..we know we are going to get the same old taste but still love it😋..however his combo with muru godoss definitely raised the expectation for an SPL. Masala dosa.. and we r not disappointed👍. Director"s obsession with police, criminals, computer records, databases continues even in this (Ghajini, Tupaki, 7th sense, spyder n now this..) I guess he might have failed in the physical fitness tests 🤸for IPS n now living that dream. The plot is not completely new though the first half is very engaging( if one ignores the saliva kinda fights..😎😎.). For once the police force entirely supports their chief with no black sheep among them. The daughter-father sentiment works well, Nivedita is simple n sweet. Love track with Nayantara is just for bringing more laughs, no Thillaana Thillaana songs 🙈 and realistic dialogues abt his age ..that's something brave !..reminds Amitabh role in rhenium..one song, in particular, is cute with his mannerisms at best. the second half is childish, looks like director became a Ghajini himself🤕..heights of cinematic liberty is Nivedita suffers a head injury, still with GCS of 15/15 (means completely oriented) is told that she has 2 hrs time and no attempt to treat her probably coz of no consent????...more realistic picture should be neurosurgeon tries to operate without consent as no one available, she dies, and he's thrashed for negligence, hospital vandalized.😠😠..but that would have diverted hero's revenge, hence she is allowed to record a statement also and peacefully dies in ICU on the same bed beside her father...for once thankfully neurosurgeon spared!🤫..hero still giddy from his head injury denies help saying "hey, it's just a syncope"probably he checked on google, why ask a doc?🤔..hero does too much gym to get his medical fitness certificate, probably no one told him it's given for 300 rupees in any hospital🤔... it is a way to reassure fans that his health in real life is fine..we truly wish for that ..Climax is silly, to say the least, although villains were all good choice... all in all, it's a saliva SPL "masala" dosa ...how can one ever say no to Minerva coffee  (dar) bar...go for it!

Rating 3
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